Afternoon Enrichment/Extended Day

Our popular Afternoon Enrichment/Extended Day is an optional program that extends your child's time at Nutfield while also giving you a break.

The afternoon program is available four days a week. Students stay from 12:00 noon up to 4:00 pm. Participants are current Nutfield students, or recent Nutfield graduates currently in kindergarten. 

Children enjoy this extra time at Nutfield to:

  • meet new friends and play with old friends

  • learn how to eat lunch at school on their own like they will in first grade, and

  • generally have the opportunity to spend a full day at school.

An Extended Learning Opportunity

Afternoon Enrichment Details

Choose any Sessions, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday
• Pick up by 1:00pm =  $10/day
• Pick up by 2:00pm =  $15/day
• Pick up by 3:00pm =  $20/day
• Pick up by 4:00pm =  $25/day 

Open to:
• current Nutfield students
• Nutfield alumni in kindergarten
• limited to 15 students each session

Advance reservation and payment is required; first-come, first-served. 

Students should bring their own Packed Lunch from home (no peanut butter!). and a water bottle.

Be sure your child is dressed for outdoor play. In warm weather all children should have a hat, and a water bottle to take outside with them. Label all of your child’s possessions so we will be able to return anything they forget.

Each session is limited to 15 students. Parents must sign up and pay in advance to reserve a spot for your child. Registration forms are periodically sent home, or available in the hallway. Check the enrollment status for any Afternoon Enrichment session on the list outside of the school office; last-minute reservations are OK as long as space is available. 

The Afternoon Enrichment program is not a passive child care situation but rather a non-class time for Nutfield to continue helping your child to grow. The program is staffed by one or two professional Nutfield educators and a volunteer.

The schedule of activities during a typical afternoon session include:

  • eating lunch (brought from home),

  • playing in the class, using a variety of materials selected by the staff and doing theme-related projects,

  • going out to play for long periods of time on our wonderful playground, or often taking walks in the area,

  • coming in from outside and having a snack (provided),

  • after snack possibly going back outside, reading or telling stories, dancing, or doing puppet shows.

In inclement weather we take advantage of the school's gym space to make sure the children still get plenty of exercise.