Nutfield Cooperative School is committed to providing quality, caring education for children. Kathy Gallagher, the Director of Nutfield, has assembled a top-notch staff of educators, with each member bringing her own unique abilities and experiences to the classroom. In addition, every teacher is CPR and First Aid Certified.


Susan Dionne

"One of my goals as a teacher is to help children develop a love of learning. That is what I most wanted for my own children when they came to Nutfield years ago. One way I do this is by building on children’s innate love of nature (and my own) and incorporate the natural world into the curriculum. Since preschoolers specialize in moving, we do a lot of music and movement activities; both of which contribute to a child’s intellectual as well as physical development. Imagination and creativity are promoted by the children’s writing of stories (I take down their dictation) and story acting. To help cultivate pro-social and problem solving skills, I include a variety of cooperative learning experiences in our day. We all have a fun and fulfilling day!"

Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education

Professional Experience
Preschool Teacher, Nutfield Cooperative School, East Derry, NH, 1997 to Present 

This Year: 3-day 4's Teacher, Music Instructor

Carol Flint

“I have enjoyed being a part of the Nutfield Cooperative School community for over 22 years, as a parent and as a teacher.”

Bachelor Degree, English, University of Massachusetts, Boston

Professional Experience
Teaching Assistant, Nutfield Cooperative School, East Derry, NH 1983 to Present

Registrar, 2007 to Present 

This Year: 2-day and 3-day 3's Aid, Registrar

Kathy Gallagher

“I enjoy seeing the world through a child's eyes. I have a great deal of respect for children and a firm belief in their abilities. I try to provide children with opportunities to stretch and grow every day in my class--and in all of the classes at Nutfield, by hiring teachers who practice a hands-on, process-oriented style of teaching. During the course of a year I get to know all of the parents, and many siblings of the children who attend Nutfield. These relationships are what help make Nutfield feel like a community to me.”

Bachelors in Elementary Education
UNH Cooperative Extension trained Parent Educator

Professional Experience:
Director of Nutfield Cooperative School, East Derry, NH, 1979 to Present
Preschool Teacher, Nutfield Cooperative School, East Derry, NH 1979 to Present
Preschool Teaching Assistant, Nutfield Cooperative School, East Derry, 1977-1979
Fourth Grade Teacher, Derry Village School, Derry, NH
Co-founder of The Children's Metamorphosis Children's Museum

This Year: 2-day and 3-day 3's Teacher, Director


Sarah Fraser DeLong

”I have been a part of the Nutfield Community as a parent and a staff member for over 10 years. I believe wholeheartedly in the school’s child-centered philosophy and their confidence building curriculum.”

This Year: 3-day and 4-day 4's Assistant

BA in Communications, University of Massachusetts

2918 Fall Classes & Teachers

Three-Year-Old Preschool

  • 2-Day 3's (Tuesday & ThurThuirsday)
    Mrs. Gallagher and Mrs. Flint

  • 3-Day 3's (Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday)
    Mrs. Gallagher and Mrs. DeLong

Four-Year-Old Preschool

  • 3-Day 4's (Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday)
    Mrs. Dionne and Mrs. DeLong

  • 4-Day 4's (Monday – Thursday)
    Mrs. Dionne and Mrs. DeLong

Other Staff

  • Registrar – Mrs. Flint

  • Administrative Assistant –
    Mrs. Metzemaekers

Please contact teachers by phone at the school (434-2602) or by email.